What's New

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7 February 1999Added the following Code Examples:-
  • acCmdCopyHyperlink
  • acCmdEditHyperlink
  • acCmdHyperlinkDisplayText
  • acCmdOpenHyperlink
  • acCmdOpenNewHyperlink

Solved problem where links opened up inside frames.

30 January 1999Added the following Problem:-
Unable To Save Position Of Form

Update the Links Page

9 January 1999Added/Updated the following Code Examples:- 
  • acCmdCreateShortcut
  • acCmdOLEObjectDefaultVerb
  • acCmdOutPutToExcel
  • acCmdPrintPreview
24 October 1998Link to Access Web Ring Added. 
Added/Updated the following Code Examples:- 


19 October 1998Added/Updated the following Code Examples:- 
  • acCmdClose
  • acCmdDesignView
  • acCmdFormHdrFtr
  • acCmdFormView
  • acCmdSave
  • acCmdSizeToFitForm

  • acCmdSpelling
24 September 1998The Full List of RunCommand constants. 

Corrected link to Compact Database Code. Thanks to Mark Davis for pointing out the error. 

Added following known problems:- 

  • Source Safe and Runcommand method 
  • File Menu Items in Runtime 

Added links 

Added the following Code Examples:- 

  • acCmdAppMove 
  • acCmdMoreWindows 
  • acCmdNewObjectQuery 

  • acCmdRefresh 
11 September 1998Changed Where To Menu 

Added the following Code Examples:- 

  • acCmdAppMaximize 
  • acCmdAppMinimize 
  • acCmdAppRestore 
  • acCmdNewObjectAutoForm 
  • acCmdNewObjectAutoReport 
  • acCmdUserAndGroupAccounts 
7 September 1998Added the following Code Examples:- 
  • acCmdAdvancedFilterSort 
  • acCmdApplyFilterSort 
  • acCmdCompactDatabase 
  • acCmdEncryptDecryptDatabase 
  • acCmdExit 
  • acCmdFind 
  • acCmdInvokeBuilder 
  • acCmdLoadFromQuery 
  • acCmdRelationships 
  • acCmdRepairDatabase 
  • acCmdSave 
  • acCmdWindowHide 
  • acCmdWindowUnhide 

Restructured site to allow easier replacement and update of examples. 

29 July 1998Added Code Examples page.
23 July 1998Added page with Known Problems. 
Added Links to Other Sites. 
20 July 1998Fixed problem with connecting to page. 
Updated menu equivalent information. 
Added the What's New section. 
Added the Can You Help section. 
For vanity purposes added the counter. 
General tidy up of site.