The Full List

Below is a list of all the RunCommand constants. I have added a short explanation for each of them.

If you spot any errors please E Mail me Cecil Butts

acCmdAboutMicrosoftAccess35Displays the About Access Information dialog
acCmdAddWatch201Adds a variable to the Watch Window
acCmdAdvancedFilterSort99Displays QBE for filter
acCmdAlignBottom46Aligns the bottom edges of a selection of controls if no overlap. Else aligns top to bottom
acCmdAlignLeft43Aligns the left edges of a selection of controls if no overlap else abuts left edge to right edge
acCmdAlignRight44Aligns the right edges of a selection of controls if no overlap else abuts left edge to right edge
acCmdAlignToGrid47Aligns selection to grid.
acCmdAlignTop45Aligns the top edges of a selection of controls if no overlap else abuts top edge to bottom edge
acCmdAlignToShortest153Sizes selected controls to shortest
acCmdAlignToTallest154Sizes selected controls to tallest
acCmdAnalyzePerformance283Displays the Analyze Performance dialog
acCmdAnalyzeTable284Displays the Table Analyzer Wizard
acCmdAnswerWizard235Displays the Help Find dialog
acCmdApplyDefault55Apply"s default formatting to selected control
acCmdApplyFilterSort93Apply"s the filter entered in a Filter Design window.
acCmdAppMaximize10Maximizes Access Window.
acCmdAppMinimize11Minimize Access window
acCmdAppMove12Changes mouse into 4 headed arrow to enable the Access window to be moved.
acCmdAppRestore9Restores Access window.
acCmdAppSize13Size Access window
acCmdArrangeIconsAuto218Auto arrange icons
acCmdArrangeIconsByCreated216Arrange the icons in date created order
acCmdArrangeIconsByModified217Arrange the icons in date modified order
acCmdArrangeIconsByName214Arrange icons in database window in alphabetical order
acCmdArrangeIconsByType215Arranges icons by the type of object
acCmdAutoCorrect261Displays the AutoCorrect dialog
acCmdAutoDial192Automatically phones a selected number
acCmdAutoFormat270Displays the AutoFormat dialog
acCmdBookmarksClearAll310Clears all bookmarks
acCmdBookmarksNext308Moves to the next bookmark
acCmdBookmarksPrevious309Moves to the previous bookmark
acCmdBookmarksToggle307Adds/removes a bookmark
acCmdBringToFront52Brings selection to the front of all other objects.
acCmdCallStack172Displays a list of active procedure calls
acCmdChangeToCheckBox231Changes selected control to a check box
acCmdChangeToComboBox230Changes selected control to a combo box
acCmdChangeToImage234Changes selected control to an image
acCmdChangeToLabel228Changes selected control to a label
acCmdChangeToListBox229Changes selected control to a list box
acCmdChangeToOptionButton233Changes selected control to an option button
acCmdChangeToTextBox227Changes selected control to a textbox
acCmdChangeToToggleButton232Changes selected control to a toggle button
acCmdClearAll146Clears all tables from the Relationships window
acCmdClearAllBreakpoints132Clears all break points in the database
acCmdClearGrid71Clears all information from the QBE grid
acCmdClearItemDefaults237No idea at all. Possibly something to do with defaults in the design of Forms and reports.
acCmdClose58Closes object which has the focus
acCmdCloseWindow186Closes the current window
acCmdColumnWidth117Displays the Column Width dialog
acCmdCompactDatabase4Compacts a database.
acCmdCompileAllModules125Compiles all modules
acCmdCompileAndSaveAllModules126Compiles and saves all modules in the database.
acCmdCompileLoadedModules290Compiles loaded modules
acCmdCompleteWord306Displays list of objects/methods
acCmdControlWizardsToggle197Turns the control wizard on and off
acCmdConvertDatabase171Opens the Convert Database dialog
acCmdConvertMacrosToVisualBasic279Converts macros to code
acCmdCopy190Copies the selection to the clipboard.
acCmdCopyHyperlink328Copies the hyperlink
acCmdCreateMenuFromMacro334Creates a menu toolbar from a macro
acCmdCreateRelationship150Displays the Create Relationship dialog
acCmdCreateReplica263Displays the Create Replica dialog???
acCmdCreateShortcut219Opens the Create Shortcut dialog
acCmdCreateShortcutMenuFromMacro336Creates a shortcut menu from a macro
acCmdCreateToolbarFromMacro335Creates a toolbar from a macro
acCmdCut189Cuts the selection to the clipboard.
acCmdDatabaseProperties256Display the database properties dialog
acCmdDataEntry78Changes view to data entry mode
acCmdDatasheetView282Switches to datasheet view
acCmdDateAndTime226Displays the Date and Time dialog
acCmdDebugWindow123Displays the debug window but you have to open a mopdule first
acCmdDelete337Deletes selected item
acCmdDeletePage332Deletes a page from a tab control
acCmdDeleteQueryColumn81Removes a column fom the QBE grid
acCmdDeleteRecord223Deletes the selected record
acCmdDeleteRows188Deletes rows
acCmdDeleteTab255Not used to delete a tab from a tab control that is acCmdDeletePage
acCmdDeleteTableColumn271Deletes the selected column from a table
acCmdDeleteWatch267Deletes the selected watch variable
acCmdDesignView183Switches to Desgign View
acCmdDocMaximize15Maximizes Access child window
acCmdDocMinimize60Minimize internal Access window
acCmdDocMove16Move Access child window
acCmdDocRestore14Restores Access child window
acCmdDocSize17Size Access child window
acCmdDocumenter285Displays the Documentor dialog
acCmdDuplicate34Create a duplicate of the selected object.
acCmdEditHyperlink325Allows te editting of a Hyperlink
acCmdEditingAllowed70I think that this is something to do with the Editing Mode of a form.
acCmdEditRelationship151Displays the Edit Relationship dialog
acCmdEditWatch202Opens the Edit Watch dialog
acCmdEncryptDecryptDatabase5Opens the Encrypt/Decrypt Database dialog.
acCmdEnd198Stops the running of a procedure
acCmdExit3Closes Access completely.
acCmdFavoritesAddTo299Displays the Add To Favorites dialog
acCmdFavoritesOpen298Displays the Open Favorites dialog
acCmdFieldList42Display/hide the Field List dialog.
acCmdFilterByForm207Displays the filter by form dialog
acCmdFilterBySelection208Filters the displayed records by the selected item
acCmdFilterExcludingSelection277Filters out records that match selection
acCmdFind30Opens the Find dialog box.
acCmdFindNext341Finds next occurrence of previously searched for phrase
acCmdFindNextWordUnderCursor313Finds the next occurrence of the word which is under the cursor. Not really Edit Find but an improvement on it.
acCmdFindPrevious120Find previous occurrence of the last string searched for. Not really Edit Find but an enhancement
acCmdFindPrevWordUnderCursor312Finds the previous occurrence of the word which is under the cursor. Equivalent to Ctrl Shift and F3
acCmdFitToWindow245Fit print preview in window.
acCmdFont19Display the font selection dialog.
acCmdFormatCells77Displays the Format Cells dialog
acCmdFormHdrFtr36Adds or removes form headers and footers
acCmdFormView281Switches to form view
acCmdFreezeColumn105Keeps the selected column in view
acCmdGoBack294Returns to the previous Web page
acCmdGoContinue127Resumes/starts code
acCmdGoForward295Moves to the next Web page
acCmdHideColumns79Hides the selected column(s)
AcCmdHideTable147Hides a table in the Relationships window
acCmdHorizontalSpacingDecrease158Decreases the horizontal space between selected objects
acCmdHorizontalSpacingIncrease159Increases the horizontal space between selected objects
acCmdHorizontalSpacingMakeEqual157Makes the horizontal space between selected objects equal
acCmdHyperlinkDisplayText329Shows the text that is displayed for a hyperlink
acCmdImport257Displays the File, Get External Data, Import dialog box.
acCmdIndent205Indents line of code
acCmdIndexes152Toggles display of the Indexes dialog
acCmdInsertActiveXControl258Displays the Insert ActiveX Control dialog
acCmdInsertChart293Inserts a chart
acCmdInsertFile39This is not insert file into module which is acCmdInsertFileIntoModule
acCmdInsertFileIntoModule118Displays the Insert File dialog
acCmdInsertHyperlink259Displays the Insert Hyperlink dialog
acCmdInsertLookupColumn273Displays the LookUp wizard
acCmdInsertLookupField291Starts the Lookup Wizard
acCmdInsertObject33Opens the Insert Object Dialog
acCmdInsertPage331Inserts a new page to a tab control
acCmdInsertPicture222Displays the Insert Picture dialog
acCmdInsertProcedure262Displays the Insert Procedure dialog
acCmdInsertQueryColumn82Insets a column into the QBE grid.
acCmdInsertRows187Inserts rows
acCmdInsertTableColumn272Inserts column into a table
acCmdInvokeBuilder178Open the Buiilder dialog
acCmdJoinProperties72Displays the Join Properties dialog
acCmdLastPosition339Returns cursor to last position in the module window
acCmdLayoutPreview141Print Preview with sample data
acCmdLineUpIcons213Line up icons in columns
acCmdLinkTables102Displays the Link tables dialog
acCmdListConstants303Display drop down in code window of available constants
acCmdLoadFromQuery95Opens the Applicable Query dialog
acCmdMacroConditions87Toggles the display of the Macro Conditions column
acCmdMacroNames86Toggles the display of the Macro Names column
acCmdMakeMDEFile7Creates a MDE File but does not appear to be able to be used for the active Database.
acCmdMicrosoftAccessHelpTopics100Displays the Help contents
acCmdMicrosoftOnTheWeb236Displays the Microsoft On the Web Menu???
acCmdMoreWindows8Displays the Window List dialog box.
acCmdNewDatabase26Opens the new database dialog
acCmdNewObjectAutoForm193Creates a new form if a table/query has been selected in database window
acCmdNewObjectAutoReport194Creates a new report if a table/query has been selected in database window
acCmdNewObjectClassModule140Creates a new Class Module
acCmdNewObjectForm136Displays the New Form dialog
acCmdNewObjectMacro138Opens a New Macro Window
acCmdNewObjectModule139Creates a new Module.
acCmdNewObjectQuery135Displays the New Query dialog
acCmdNewObjectReport137Displays the New Report dialog
acCmdNewObjectTable134Displays the New Table dialog
acCmdObjBrwFindWholeWordOnly314Toggles the Find Whole Word Only option
acCmdObjBrwGroupMembers318Toggles the Group Members option
acCmdObjBrwHelp316Opens Help on selected item
acCmdObjBrwShowHiddenMembers315Toggles the Show Hidden Members option
acCmdObjBrwViewDefinition317Displays the selected module
acCmdObjectBrowser200Displays the Object Browser
acCmdOLEDDELinks27Opens the OLE/DDE Links dialog.
acCmdOLEObjectConvert167Display the Convert dialog
acCmdOLEObjectDefaultVerb57Displays OLE object in its native application
acCmdOpenDatabase25Displays the open database dialog
acCmdOpenHyperlink326Opens the item associated with the hyperlink
acCmdOpenNewHyperlink327Opens the item associated with the hyperlink in a new window
acCmdOpenSearchPage253Starts up default Web Browser and locates the default search engine???
acCmdOpenStartPage252Starts up default Web Browser at the users start page???
acCmdOpenTable221Opens a table
acCmdOpenURL251Starts up default Web Browser and locates selected URL???
acCmdOptions49Opens the Tools Options dialog box.
acCmdOutdent206Outdents a line of code
acCmdOutputToExcel175Exports the selected object to Excel
acCmdOutputToRTF176Out puts selected object in RTF format
acCmdOutputToText177Saves selected module as a text file with no prompt for file name or location. Saves in current directory.
acCmdPageHdrFtr182Toggles display of the page header and footer
acCmdPageNumber225Displays the Page Number dialog
acCmdPageSetup32Opens the Page Setup dialog
acCmdParameterInfo305If not using autofill shows the list of arguments for a function
acCmdPaste191Pastes from ther clipboard
acCmdPasteAppend38Pastes a copied record as a new record
acCmdPasteSpecial64Displays the Paste Special dialog
acCmdPreviewEightPages249Display eight pages in print preview
acCmdPreviewFourPages248Display four pages in print preview
acCmdPreviewOnePage246Display one page in print preview
acCmdPreviewTwelvePages250Display twelve pages in print preview
acCmdPreviewTwoPages247Display two pages in print preview
acCmdPrimaryKey107Sets/removes the Primary key on the selected field(s)
acCmdPrint340Opens the Print dialog box.
acCmdPrintPreview54Opens the print preview window.
acCmdProcedureDefinition122Displays the object browser at the definition of word under cursor
acCmdProperties287Toggles the Properties window
acCmdPublish320Starts the Web Publisher Wizard
acCmdPublishDefaults324Sets or calls Webpublishing Wizard defaults?
acCmdQueryParameters76Displays the Parameters dialog
acCmdQueryTotals73Toggles the Totals Line in a QBE grid
acCmdQueryTypeAppend91Changes a Query to an Append Query
acCmdQueryTypeCrosstab74Changes a Query to a Crosstab
acCmdQueryTypeDelete92Changes a Query to a Delete Query
acCmdQueryTypeMakeTable94Changes a Query to a Make Table Query
acCmdQueryTypeSelect89Changes a Query to a Select Query
acCmdQueryTypeSQLDataDefinition168Changes the Query to a Data Definiton Query
acCmdQueryTypeSQLPassThrough169Changes the Query to a Pass Through Query
acCmdQueryTypeSQLUnion180Changes the Query to a Union Query
acCmdQueryTypeUpdate90Changes a Query to an Update Query
acCmdQuickInfo304Displays syntax help
acCmdQuickPrint278Prints without displaying the print dialog box
acCmdQuickWatch203Displays the Quick Watch dialog
acCmdRecordsGoToFirst67Moves to the first record
acCmdRecordsGoToLast68Moves to the last record
acCmdRecordsGoToNew28Moves to a new record
acCmdRecordsGoToNext65Moves to the next record
acCmdRecordsGoToPrevious66Moves to the previous record
acCmdRecoverDesignMaster265Displays the Recover Design Master dialog
acCmdRedo199Redoes last thing that was undone
acCmdReferences260Displays the References dialog
acCmdRefresh18Refeshes the data in the active window.
acCmdRefreshPage297Refreshs the current Web Page???
acCmdRegisterActiveXControls254Opens the ActiveX Controls dialog
acCmdRelationships133Opens the Relatiosnhips window.
acCmdRemoveFilterSort144Removes all filters and sorts
acCmdRemoveTable84Removes the selected table from the QBE grid
acCmdRename143Allows editting of selected object name in the database window
acCmdRenameColumn274Highlights column heading to enable renaming
acCmdRepairDatabase6Opens the Repair Database file selection dialog box. Note this cannot be used to repair the current database.
acCmdReplace29Opens the Replace dialog
acCmdReportHdrFtr37Adds or removes report headers and footers
acCmdReset124Resets running code
acCmdResolveConflicts266Displays the Resolve Conflicts dialog
acCmdRowHeight116Displays the Row Height dialog
acCmdRun181Runs a query
acCmdRunMacro31Opens the Run Macro dialog
acCmdRunOpenMacro338Run a macro
acCmdSave20Saves the current object
acCmdSaveAllModules280Saves all Code Modules?
acCmdSaveAs21Displays the Save As/Export selection dialog
acCmdSaveAsASP323Same as selecting ASP in the File Save As dialog box
acCmdSaveAsHTML321Same as selecting HTML in the File Save As dialog box. Not Save Ass HTML on File menu which starts Web Wizard. That is acCmdPublish
acCmdSaveAsIDC322Same as selecting IDC in the File Save As dialog box
acCmdSaveAsQuery96Saves a filter as a query
acCmdSaveAsReport142Displays the Save a Form as a Report dialog
acCmdSaveLayout145Saves the layout of the Relationships window
acCmdSaveModuleAsText119Open s the File Save As box when in a module
acCmdSaveRecord97Saves the current record
acCmdSelectAll333Selects all the contents of the window
acCmdSelectAllRecords109Selects all the records
acCmdSelectForm40Selects the whole form.
acCmdSelectRecord50Selects the whole of the current record.
acCmdSelectReport319Selects the Report Object
acCmdSend173Opens the default mail system to send selected object
acCmdSendToBack53Takes selection behind all other objects.
acCmdSetControlDefaults56Change the defaults for the selected control
acCmdSetDatabasePassword275Displays the Set Database Password dialog
acCmdSetNextStatement129Sets the next line of code to be run
acCmdShowAllRelationships149Displays all Relationships in the Relationships window
acCmdShowDirectRelationships148Displays all connected Relationships from selected table
acCmdShowMembers302Displays the methods/properties drop down
acCmdShowNextStatement130Returns the screen back to the next line of code to run
acCmdShowOnlyWebToolbar300Closes all toolbars but the Web toolbar
acCmdShowTable185Displays the Add Table dialog
acCmdSingleStep88Single steps through a macro
acCmdSizeToFit59Changes size of control to best fit.
acCmdSizeToFitForm69Changes the size of the Form Window to it"s design size
acCmdSizeToGrid48Snaps edges of selection to grid size.
acCmdSizeToNarrowest155Sizes selected controls to narrowest
acCmdSizeToWidest156Sizes selected controls to widest
acCmdSnapToGrid62Toggles the Snap To Grid option
acCmdSortAscending163Sorts by the selected field in ascending order
acCmdSortDescending164Sorts by the selected field in descending order
acCmdSortingAndGrouping51Displays/hides the sorting and grouping dialog
acCmdSpelling269Runs the Spell Checker.
acCmdSQLView184Changes to SQL View
acCmdStartupProperties224Opens the Startup Properties dialog
acCmdStepInto342Steps into the next line of code
acCmdStepOut311Runs code to next statement in calling procedure
acCmdStepOver128Steps over a line of code
acCmdStepToCursor204Runs through the code to the line containing the cursor
acCmdStopLoadingPage296Halts the loading of a Web page
acCmdSubformDatasheet108Toggles display of a subform to/from datasheet view
acCmdSynchronizeNow264Displays the Synchronize Now dialog
acCmdTabControlPageOrder330Displays the Page Order dialog
acCmdTableNames75Toggles display of the Table Names Line in a QBE grid
acCmdTabOrder41Displays the Tab Order dialog.
acCmdTestValidationRules196Tests a table"s validation rules
acCmdTileHorizontally286Tiles the Access child windows horizontally
acCmdTileVertically23Tiles the Access child windows vertically
acCmdToggleBreakpoint131Turns a break point on/off
acCmdToggleFilter220Toggles a filter on/off
acCmdToolbarControlProperties301Display properties for controls on Toolbars from the customize box?
acCmdToolbarsCustomize165Displays the Customise Toolbars dialog
acCmdTransparentBackground288Sets the background of a control to transparent
acCmdTransparentBorder289Sets the border colour to transparent
acCmdUndo292Undoes the last operation.
acCmdUnfreezeAllColumns106Unfreezes all frozen columns
acCmdUnhideColumns80Displays the Unhide Columns Dialog
acCmdUserAndGroupAccounts104Displays the Security User and Group Accounts dialog box.
acCmdUserAndGroupPermissions103Displays the User and Groups Permissions dialog
acCmdUserLevelSecurityWizard276Displays the User Level Security Wizard dialog
acCmdVerticalSpacingDecrease161Decreases the vertical space between selected objects
acCmdVerticalSpacingIncrease162Increases the vertical space between selected objects
acCmdVerticalSpacingMakeEqual160Makes the vertical space between selected objects equal
acCmdViewCode170Opens the Code window for the selected object.
acCmdViewDetails210Displays details in database window
acCmdViewForms112Displays the Form tab in Database Window
acCmdViewGrid63Toggles display of the Grid.
acCmdViewLargeIcons209Displays large icons in database window
acCmdViewList212Displays itemsin a list in the database window
acCmdViewMacros114Displays the Macro tab in Database Window
acCmdViewModules115Displays the Module tab in Database Window
acCmdViewQueries111Displays the Query tab in Database Window
acCmdViewReports113Displays the Report tab in Database Window
acCmdViewRuler61Toggles the display of the ruler.
acCmdViewSmallIcons211Displays small icons in database window
acCmdViewTables110Displays the Table tab in Database Window
acCmdViewToolbox85Toggles the display of the Toolbox
acCmdWindowArrangeIcons24Arranges any minimized Access child windows along the bottom of the Access window.
acCmdWindowCascade22Cascades the Access child windows
acCmdWindowHide2Hides the window that has the focus.
acCmdWindowSplit121Toggles the window split in a module
acCmdWindowUnhide1Displays the Window Unhide dialog box if any Windows have been hidden. Otherwise produces an error.
acCmdWordMailMerge195Opens the Mail Merge dialog box
acCmdZoom10244Zoom print preview to 10%
acCmdZoom100240Zoom print preview to 100%
acCmdZoom150239Zoom print preview to 150%
acCmdZoom200238Zoom print preview to 200%
acCmdZoom25243Zoom print preview to 25%
acCmdZoom50242Zoom print preview to 50%
acCmdZoom75241Zoom print preview to 75%
acCmdZoomBox179Opens the zoom box