Can You Help

Below is a list of RunCommand constants for which I can not discover the menu equivalent or the view in which they work. I have put a description that I think(?) covers their purpose.

If you know where any of these belong in the menu system please E Mail me Cecil Butts

ConstantProbable Definition
acCmdClearItemDefaultsNo idea at all. Possibly something to do with defaults in the design of Forms and reports.
acCmdDeleteTabNot used to delete a tab from a tab control that is acCmdDeletePage
acCmdEditingAllowedI think that this is something to do with the Editing Mode of a form.
acCmdInsertFileThis is not insert file into module which is acCmdInsertFileIntoModule
acCmdPublishDefaultsSets or calls Webpublishing Wizard defaults?
acCmdSaveAllModulesSaves all Code Modules?
acCmdSaveAsASPSame as selecting ASP in the File Save As dialog box
acCmdSaveAsHTMLSame as selecting HTML in the File Save As dialog box. Not Save Ass HTML on File menu which starts Web Wizard. That is acCmdPublish
acCmdSaveAsIDCSame as selecting IDC in the File Save As dialog box
acCmdToolbarControlPropertiesDisplay properties for controls on Toolbars from the customize box?